Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Love is all that matters

Never miss an opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. 
Support the drive to share and express the love of Jesus this season

Date: December 22, 2017

Venue: Dustbin Estate Ajegunle 
Your donations are needed generously financially or in kind. Food stuff, clothes, writing Materials, tools, stationery, all things give-able can be donated.

Items can be dropped at this location or you can call any of the numbers below for pick up.

1. Tender Care international school 
Plot 5a adigun Avenue Magodo estate isheri Berger, Lagos

For more info, please contact;
Bisi: 0708 202 3499
Bukky: +1 443-580-4382

God bless you as you give and help to put smiles on their faces. 
We are called to Love, we are called to serve. For in love and service is the true test of of faith and the pure the of Christ...... There is a POINT and PURPOSE to a life lived in love. Join the movement, Join the party. It is going to be LoveFull

Find the Right Courage

1samuel 30:6. David encouraged himself in the Lord. When things weren’t going so well for David, he found courage in the Lord, he knew there he could find strength to rise again. Sometimes we go through hard times, we go through troubled seas and things get really bad. But we must find courage and strength in the right places. This will come from our deposit, David has a deposit and he knew he could go to God. What good deposit do you have stored up in your spiritual bank, what good deposit do you have in family and friends? If you find courage in the right places, you won’t be down for long.


Hello beautiful! Would you please live? Live to the fullest, do all that God has given you the potential to, don’t compete with man, cooperate with God. Don’t monitor people, launch out, dig in. Celebrate those who are rising, encourage those who are down, Love your Neighbour as yourself and serve like you are the only one doing it. Live Love, Live happy, Live Christlike.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

You don't need attention, you need expression

You don’t need attention, you need expression. Stop trying to be in everyone’s face, stop feeling the need to constantly be the object of discussion, stop trying so hard to be seen, stop feeling pity for yourself, stop presenting your image to people so they can feel sorry for you, stop loosing sleep because you are seeking ways to be the centre of attention. Find expression, understand your person and what you want to do, then give it an expression. People will accept what they see and what you project, but when you spend days seeking people’s attention, they begin to direct your life as they want and that is not a good place to die. You have your life, you have your glory, you have your grace, you have your strength, allow your person to find expression, stop hiding behind a person because they give you attention, what you need isn’t attention, what you need is for some of your hidden strength, hidden perfections to find expression. Can you light a lamp and hide it under a bowl? Stop that feeling! Stop craving attention so hard and don’t feel content because you get all the attention you think you need. If you keep craving attention, you will never find an expression. Get up, groom yourself, build confidence, enough of hiding behind people and thinking that you are strong, enough of forming strong in other people’s shadows when you are actually weak, live life for yourself, learn your lessons and develop brightly as God would want you to. So that when people no longer have the attention to give you will be able to express yourself outside their shadow. You can deal with it, you can handle it, you can be strong. Don’t use your pain as an excuse to become weak. You have God’s attention, He will help you find expression and that is what will move the right people your way. Sometimes it’s okay to find your strength and know that you don’t need the attention of another to feel good about yourself.

Dear Star,

People didn’t make you a star, God through you created a craft that people love and that made you a force. People would support you and encourage you but never allow the voice of people become louder than the voice of vision. Don’t shine only when you are in public eye, shine in your zone, in your home, in your room, shine for family, shine for friends, shine everywhere. Don’t let the public dictate when you shine, ultimately it is you who is trying to live a vision and every time you find satisfaction in bringing yourself closer to it, permit yourself to truly be a star. Let your heart bear witness with the name you carry. Don’t just be a star to the public eye be a star to your inner eye. You are on your way there..... shine to fill a void not to please. Stop seeking approval from the public, seek it from God.


God is a God of Quality. He seeks to improve the quality of our lives daily, He is so concerned about our mind and all that goes on in our lives, he is concerned about the inner, what goes on within. But we move farther and farther away from him by constantly following things that increase our popularity and put the quality of our lives at risk. How people see us, what people say shouldn’t be more important than the approval of God. We can’t desire to be popular by world standards and still desire God’s stamp. We must pick a side. Ever wondered how people pick popularity over quality. The truth is people’s applause will become weak, people’s voices will fade, peoples eye will grow dim, people’s ears will become itchy and you will be left alone with the thoughts of how well your live has improved and grown. Will you still be a star when you no longer stand in crowd for an applause? So what are you doing to improve the quality of your life? What are you doing to be a better Christian, what are you doing to raise the standard high for the Lord? God is not concerned about a life of fame without an improved personal quality. The good thing is you can be popular with good quality. So go on champion, develop the quality of life that God wants then go on to shine for him and then He can glory in your fame.


Why haven’t you gotten a copy of POINTLESS? Let me give you reasons why you should get a copy: 1. I wrote the book. That should be enough reason however I’m feeling generous with reasons today so I would help you. 2. it has raw truths in it that will help you live a better life. 3. There is a strong link between the purpose you seek and the love in your heart. 4. God has a message for you in it. 5. I want your money 🤣 6. There are many other reasons but my fingers are not as generous as the reasons, they ache already. So seriously seriously you need a copy of POINTLESS in your hands and you need it NOW 🙂🙂 I know that because God inspired me to write it for YOU yes YOU

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Greatness is in You

I’m searching for my purpose’ A lot of times I hear people say they are on a mission to find their purpose and the reason they were created. God is an absolute God, when He made man, He made man with intention, with an already defined purpose. God had everything at His disposal and He created man to walk in that dominion. God didn’t create you to search for a purpose He already gave, He created you to walk in the knowledge of that purpose and fulfil it. Many of us are spending time meant for fulfilling purpose in finding it. God didn’t create us to search for relevance, purpose, greatness, He created us purposefully, He created us relevant, He only wants us to by His grace walk in this greatness and relevance. God made man to be like Him in worship and service, that’s all the purpose we need to fulfil, what we need to open ourselves to is the grace that God has made available to live the life He expects and one that will bring glory to him. Your purpose is not in the searching, purpose is what will lead us to live the life God wants us for us. So Purpose is not a destination, Purpose is the Way. God made man for a purpose to guide Him into living the glorious life that He intended. Stop searching when you should be revealing and unveiling.
You are made for greatness and destined to live purposely. Many times when we say I’m searching for purpose, it is out of a desire to be like someone, to find relevance, but God’s Purpose is nothing about self gratification, it is all about service outside self. Until we realize that we may never live in God’s Purpose. Many times our search remains futile because we search for what we already have. It’s time to walk in God’s wisdom. We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life......
Every gift we have, acquire and possess is another reason to serve. All it takes has been given at creation. There is no guessing with God, He has power, greatness, grace, relevance and all that He gave as our birthright, the question then is, Have we received yet?

Regrets to Results

Responsibility is a Christian virtue. Seeth thou a man diligent! We know we won't be able to live with someone's flaws but we are so desperate for a relationship, we are bored, we start to get close to the person and so we enjoy the company for a moment after body don rub body and all is done, our eyes are opened and we see the very things that have been there from the beginning and then we know it's time for a break up. Some relationships should never have happened and some hearts shouldn't have been broken. 
I mean of course we will make mistakes and learn but we must also become responsible enough to exchange regrets for results. We are responsible for a lot of things and a lot of lives. 
We must stop using whatever will be will be as an excuse for our carelessness. 
We must stop using if it was mine it would have happened as an excuse for our ignorance. 
We must take action, we must be confident and brave. Know what we want and what God has called us to. Not guessing and allowing our decisions hurt us and others. If we are responsible enough we will not act because of the way we feel we will act out what is right. 
If our falling and over falling will crush someone else and we remember the pain of heart break, we will not do it. 
If we realize that this job is an opportunity for a higher level we will be responsible enough to do all that we have been assigned to. 
If we realize that our business may be ours but we can destroy and grow it with our attitude we will be more responsible at our delivery of service. We want to do someone a favor and we procrastinate so much. I know we are the one who wants to help but it doesn't mean we dictate when the person will get the help 
If we really want to help, we help when people actually need it.
So we don't now live in the regret when the person finally says I've got it thank you. 
There's a place of responsibility as believers. Yes there will be second chances, God can give thousand chances but also there will be the time and result factor. Ladies let's fix our heart and responsibility will come naturally because a fixed heart has God right at the centre of it all. A fixed heart is a responsible heart.

Beauty is Infectious

Compliments! Give them to yourself and give to others. How can you stay beautiful when you ignore beauty? How can your heart stay beautiful, when you can’t praise beauty? We must learn to appreciate beauty in ourselves and in others, we must learn to like the beautiful good, we must learn to follow beautiful. Identify the beautiful concept, the beautiful idea, the beautiful dream in yourself and in others. Don’t be afraid to call yourself beautiful, don’t be too proud to call others beautiful. See the good in everyone and call it by its name. How can our hearts stay beautiful when our eyes constantly ignore what’s beautiful? Have you paid someone a compliment today? Have you paid yourself a compliment today? Have you said something nice to someone who isn’t in your GOON SQUAD. Everyone deserves a kind word and everyone heart deserves to stay beautiful. You can start by being BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL. If it’s beautiful just SAY it because for every time you talk about beauty, a part of you receives it and a portion of your heart accepts it. Beauty is infectious.

Created as a Love Proof

Life is not a Competition, don’t run the course of life living in the shadow of others. You were not created to prove that you are better than others, you were not created to prove that you are richer, you were not created to prove that you are cooler.
No you were created as a prove of love, a prove of grace. A prove that love is enough to set the world straight, a prove that there’s a living truth in you that can heal the world. Stop trying to prove a point, stop trying desperately to get the attention of people, stop trying so hard to prove that it’s all about you. Rather live as the evidence of what God has made you. A standard proof of Love. Stop selling yourself short.

The daughters of Zelophehad

Regardless of the storm or whatever you may be experiencing, its time for you to get up, stop complaining. like the Zelophehad sisters, go and talk to the one who matters. It won't be long, it won't be a waste, in time you would realise that all you needed was to find strength and courage in the right place.
don't waste time crying and complaining, it wont change ANYTHING.

Love is all that matters

Never miss an opportunity to put a smile on someone's face.  Support the drive to share and express the love of Jesus this season...