Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Regrets to Results

Responsibility is a Christian virtue. Seeth thou a man diligent! We know we won't be able to live with someone's flaws but we are so desperate for a relationship, we are bored, we start to get close to the person and so we enjoy the company for a moment after body don rub body and all is done, our eyes are opened and we see the very things that have been there from the beginning and then we know it's time for a break up. Some relationships should never have happened and some hearts shouldn't have been broken. 
I mean of course we will make mistakes and learn but we must also become responsible enough to exchange regrets for results. We are responsible for a lot of things and a lot of lives. 
We must stop using whatever will be will be as an excuse for our carelessness. 
We must stop using if it was mine it would have happened as an excuse for our ignorance. 
We must take action, we must be confident and brave. Know what we want and what God has called us to. Not guessing and allowing our decisions hurt us and others. If we are responsible enough we will not act because of the way we feel we will act out what is right. 
If our falling and over falling will crush someone else and we remember the pain of heart break, we will not do it. 
If we realize that this job is an opportunity for a higher level we will be responsible enough to do all that we have been assigned to. 
If we realize that our business may be ours but we can destroy and grow it with our attitude we will be more responsible at our delivery of service. We want to do someone a favor and we procrastinate so much. I know we are the one who wants to help but it doesn't mean we dictate when the person will get the help 
If we really want to help, we help when people actually need it.
So we don't now live in the regret when the person finally says I've got it thank you. 
There's a place of responsibility as believers. Yes there will be second chances, God can give thousand chances but also there will be the time and result factor. Ladies let's fix our heart and responsibility will come naturally because a fixed heart has God right at the centre of it all. A fixed heart is a responsible heart.

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