Thursday, 9 November 2017


God is a God of Quality. He seeks to improve the quality of our lives daily, He is so concerned about our mind and all that goes on in our lives, he is concerned about the inner, what goes on within. But we move farther and farther away from him by constantly following things that increase our popularity and put the quality of our lives at risk. How people see us, what people say shouldn’t be more important than the approval of God. We can’t desire to be popular by world standards and still desire God’s stamp. We must pick a side. Ever wondered how people pick popularity over quality. The truth is people’s applause will become weak, people’s voices will fade, peoples eye will grow dim, people’s ears will become itchy and you will be left alone with the thoughts of how well your live has improved and grown. Will you still be a star when you no longer stand in crowd for an applause? So what are you doing to improve the quality of your life? What are you doing to be a better Christian, what are you doing to raise the standard high for the Lord? God is not concerned about a life of fame without an improved personal quality. The good thing is you can be popular with good quality. So go on champion, develop the quality of life that God wants then go on to shine for him and then He can glory in your fame.

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