Saturday, 15 April 2017


It was early Sunday morning and Mary had set out to find the Lord, as she walked the streets after the storm, she thought of all that had happened up until now. Jesus the leader, teacher and prophet whom many had come to receive as the Messiah had been crucified to death by his enemies on that lonely torturous Friday.
Heavily armed soldiers guarded his tomb because his enemies had heard that He that was dead would rise again. His enemies didn’t want to take chances, so they were convinced that if they had Roman guards at the tomb, his disciples would not be able to steal his body and reveal to the world that He had risen. The power that Jesus possessed, even in death he shook armies, nations and leaders.
After His death, everything seemed empty, his disciples became scared, and His followers were scattered with no idea what to do. The hope that was once burning in their heart of a Messiah who had come to save them from their troubles had been crushed. They were lost, without a guide and once again without a saviour. Nothing prepared them for the divine surprise that was going to change the Christian race forever.

In the midst of the confusion, they must live on. Early Sunday morning, after the sad weekend, Mary Magdalene, along with some other women, headed to the tomb to honour the body of Jesus. As they came closer to the tomb, Mary alarmed ‘The stone has been rolled.’ This can’t be, she had been there Friday night and she prepared His body, what could have happened?
She searched everywhere but yet He was nowhere to be found. She ran back into the city to tell John and Peter. When she shared the disturbing news, the disciples began to panic, Mary ran back to the tomb and wept profusely, she walked weakly into the old and empty tomb. As the sun set, she saw two men in bright long robes and then he asked ‘why are you crying?’ amidst tears she answered that they have taken her Lord away and she can’t find his body. As she looked up, the men had gone, as she turns around, she sees yet another man who again asks why she is in tears. She began to narrate how her master had been taken away but as she speaks, the familiar voice came through and called her name ‘Mary’.
She looks up in awe. "Rabbi!" she cries and falls at his feet.

It is my Jesus. My Lord. He is not dead. He is risen. He is alive just as he promised, Death could not hold Him, guards could not chain Him, the tomb could not contain Him. He is alive, Hallelujah.

It was the dawning of a new day and it set with the rising of the king.

When Jesus died, hope was lost, doubts set in. everything seemed purposeless, the essence was questioned but with His rising hope was restored, joy came forth. He said He would return and He did, His word did not fail. Where is the Lord? Mary kept looking for Him but He was not missing, He had just risen.

He is never missing, He is always right where we are. Up from the grave He arose and He has given us victory over all. In Christ we have been made more than conquerors. Don’t live the Christian life as though your Lord were dead, He is alive, He quickens you and His Spirit works inside of you.

He is not dead, He is alive. Nothing in you should give way to hopelessness, guilt, fear, failures or weakness, more than you can imagine there is power and purpose in the life that flows through Christ in you.

Yes, death will come for everyone, we do not know how or when, but as believers, we no longer fear death, we know the One who has conquered death. We know the one who has defiled odds, we know the one who breaks yokes, we know the one who restores and forgives. There is hope after the storm. The storm may have taken Christ but His words did not fail. The word of God is the last order. So get up, do not be dismayed, Arise and shine for your light is come and the glory of God is risen upon you (Isaiah 60:1). Nothing is dead, Nothing is lost, don’t get confused it’s the sun rising, it’s the day breaking, it’s something RISING.

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