Monday, 12 October 2015

Divine Deposit

Mathew 1:18. ‘… before they came together, she was pregnant through the Holy Spirit.’
Some say I am waiting for Mr. Right, some say I am waiting for the right time, some say I am waiting for the right opportunity. There’s no harm in waiting but how are you waiting, empty or filled?

Before you are found, before someone comes around, before an opportunity comes knocking, you need to ask yourself what deposit is in me? Before Joseph deposited himself into Mary, something supernatural was already there, something divine, the flesh could not alter the divinity of the deposit in Mary.

Mary was flesh but something divine was growing on her inside, something beyond the manipulation of flesh. That’s the mystery of Jesus’ birth and that is the mystery of spiritual rebirth. At spiritual rebirth, God through the Holy Spirit deposits a divine nature into your body; your physical nature becomes aware of a divine process and then tries to cooperate with the change.

Many times our physical nature carelessly longs for its satisfaction trying to abort the divine deposit, and then the struggle begins. Imagine if Mary had aborted her divine deposit (she wouldn’t have) but just imagine, the gift of a supernatural package would have been denied the world.

There’s a divine deposit in you that the physical vessel conveying it is trying to abort. The result of this divine deposit is a spiritual being who moves into the realm of the divine, developed, equipped, faithed, defying impossibility and marching on to a prepared mansion.

But as this new being dwells on earth, there is a constant reminder of the fact that there is a bigger force on the inside, a brighter future on the outside, a bigger home on the other side. So this spiritual being though housed in a mortal body, surrounded by the forces of earth is aware that she is made of a divine composition, a higher quality and ultimately the blood of a Prince. She refuses to choke herself with the cares and expectations of the world; she refuses applause of men and finds a voice for the supernatural deposit inside of her awaiting a red carpet unveiling.

As she speaks, she is found because people who have waited for that voice, that grace, that wisdom can finally relate to her rebirth because she has been waiting in filling and saving.

Eyes have not seen.

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