Wednesday, 25 April 2012


You can love again, no matter what it has been and how many blows love has dealt you,
you can still love again though your heart is heavy and the pain seems so deep, you can love again.
Because you are that love that you search for.
Love is to life what a scent is to rose. It is the spice of life.
Love, a four letter word, a small word yet possessing so much little, yet so powerful, small, yet so encompassing.
The solution to a world filled with so much heartache and trouble.
Everyone wants to have it and everyone is searching for it.
The only problem is majority search for it in the wrong places.
The love you search for begins first with you.
It starts with you loving yourself first and then allowing that love spread.
If you don't love yourself, then it is impossible to find love.

There are many types of love. But the one that you must begin with is the sweet selfless love that dwells in your heart and enables you to love others inspite of who they are, what they have done and where they are.

You need to find love within yourself,
a love that rises above challenges and troubles,
a love that rises above hate and disregard,
a love that rises above the ill treament you have received,
a love that rises above circumstances of life,
a love that gives you inner peace even when everything around screams discomfort,
a love that keeps you going at all times,
a love that wants you to live life against all odds,
a love that keeps you in love with yourself regardless of what everyone thinks,
a love that envelops you in the very essence of creation,
a love that you hold on to and never want to let go,
a love that is yours, yours and yours alone,

a love locked in the treasures of your heart so that regardless of what the world says, regardless of how heartbroken people leave you, regardless of how badly you are treated, regardless of how tired you are, you are still standing strong and you still love the person that you are and have become.

That is the love that we should find first,
a love that is not based on selfishness or deceit,
a love that is not dependent on another fellow like you,
a love that is not tied to the presence of another,
a love that is not dependent on material things,
but a love that is strong in itself,
a love that flows from within,
a love that is yours.

Your own love. that is the love that can stand in heartache, torment, trouble, heartbreak and injustice. until we all find that love, we really can never truly know the essence of creation. I am learning everyday to grow more and more in love with myself and my creator. Are you growing in love?


  1. Funding love within isn't as easy as it sounds cos in some cases of a heartbreak, evidences of that past relationship won't ever fade away. That inner peace is required tho but before u can achieve that inner peace, time and a strong conviction that all is well is required. If not, you are just gonna be saying prayers and hoping all will be well while you grow in hate for the wrong reasons daily..

  2. The mistake most people or most singles make is dat we tend to love people more dan ourselves so weneva we fall a victim of heartbreak we find it difficult to get ourselves back.Bible say LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF and not LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR MORE THAN YOURSELF.I strongly agree wit bisi in finding love within ourself and loving ourself first b4 any other person.

  3. Human relationships fail because most people want to draw out of the well of another to fill their own well. God's design is that two wells will create abundance of water.So if the administrator of one well is unwilling to dig deep enough to find his water, there will be drought for both administrators. Find love in yourself. God bless you 'Bisi.

  4. I Appreciate you all. God bless you. Melvin, it is so true that situations and circumstances can push one to the wall and make one withdraw, but the truth is that no matter how difficult it may seem, we need to find love in ourselves so that regardless of how we are treated by others, we can still find love and hope to press on


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