Thursday, 9 November 2017

You don't need attention, you need expression

You don’t need attention, you need expression. Stop trying to be in everyone’s face, stop feeling the need to constantly be the object of discussion, stop trying so hard to be seen, stop feeling pity for yourself, stop presenting your image to people so they can feel sorry for you, stop loosing sleep because you are seeking ways to be the centre of attention. Find expression, understand your person and what you want to do, then give it an expression. People will accept what they see and what you project, but when you spend days seeking people’s attention, they begin to direct your life as they want and that is not a good place to die. You have your life, you have your glory, you have your grace, you have your strength, allow your person to find expression, stop hiding behind a person because they give you attention, what you need isn’t attention, what you need is for some of your hidden strength, hidden perfections to find expression. Can you light a lamp and hide it under a bowl? Stop that feeling! Stop craving attention so hard and don’t feel content because you get all the attention you think you need. If you keep craving attention, you will never find an expression. Get up, groom yourself, build confidence, enough of hiding behind people and thinking that you are strong, enough of forming strong in other people’s shadows when you are actually weak, live life for yourself, learn your lessons and develop brightly as God would want you to. So that when people no longer have the attention to give you will be able to express yourself outside their shadow. You can deal with it, you can handle it, you can be strong. Don’t use your pain as an excuse to become weak. You have God’s attention, He will help you find expression and that is what will move the right people your way. Sometimes it’s okay to find your strength and know that you don’t need the attention of another to feel good about yourself.

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