Thursday, 20 February 2014


Oscrempe! Ignapo!
Oscrempe! Ignastyle!
Oscrempe! In God we trust.
Whatever this means I do not know and still do not know. I have asked Kayode and Tunji and they say only you may know, maybe you coined it out of somewhere. If Kayode doesn't know who else do i ask? Too bad!
How do I find out the meaning now when you have left this world?
How do I get into your head to search out the meaning?
I remember how the boys in our class at Babcock University High School would shout out OSCREMPE each time they saw either of us.
Babajide Micheal Owoseje! How do I begin to describe the man that you were, what word can I say to tell the world how wonderful and intelligent you were. When Gbolahan said to me that you were ill and that we should pray that you get better, I didn't think of death, somehow I was so confident that you couldn't leave this world. Somehow I was so sure that someone like Babajide would not die, i just thought you were too cheerful to die, too smart to go, too determined to leave us, i just thought you would still be around much longer, somehow I just thought you would be back in no time and things would go to normal.
But how wrong I was, the cold hands of death has snatched you away from us. I have never prayed this much that something would actually be a film or dream. I wanted someone to say it’s a movie, I wanted someone to wake me up and say it was all a lie. But today I witnessed it, I put sand in my hands and poured it on your grave, I saw them lower you in the ground, I saw them put you down forever and I knew that it was true, I knew that it was the end, I knew that you had gone, gone to a better place, gone to a place where sickness and sorrow would not trouble you anymore, gone to a place of peace and calm.
The question now is can I wrap my head around your death? As real as it is already, its so difficult for us all to believe that you are actually gone, gone forever. Its hard to come to terms with the fact that you cannot take your calls again when we call you, you cannot receive pings anymore, you cannot sit and hang out with friends anymore, its hard to think that we cannot share this world with you anymore.

Death has taken a gem. A sweet, wonderful, kind, industrious, strong, energetic and persevering young man. You were a source a joy to everyone who knew you, young as you were, you impacted lives. You had a beautiful and large heart and this we will all remember. You may be gone from this world but you are alive in our hearts, the memories that you have left are unforgettable, the lessons that you have taught are unforgettable, the lives that you have reached out to are the seeds that you have sown.
So rather than continually shedding tears of pain, we would celebrate your life, we would celebrate your legacy, we would celebrate the man that you were. Without a doubt I know that if you were here, that’s what you would want us to do. Somewhere in my mind I am still hoping something changes all this, but then again I must accept this cold reality.
You were a wonderful friend, a leading brother and a priceless son. But God gives and He takes, we cannot question Him.
Kabi o o si o
You are the God of heaven and the earth,
Kabi o o si o X2
I know that for everything that happens it is for a good cause. So we push back every tear and replace with the smile that was always plastered on your face and we choose to celebrate your life. You would have done more but for the ones that you have done, we salute your courage and we celebrate you.
I could go on and on, but I wouldn’t still exhaust my thoughts, mere words cannot describe how I feel but I am hopeful that God knows and sees all things.
I celebrate a friend, a fighter, a teacher, and a son.
One in a million, lowered in the ground today. Live on Gem, live on Friend.
Friends and family let us live our lives as examples and in honour to God. Let Jide’s life inspire us to live a better life. God keep us all and strengthen us.

So Babajide, what is the meaning of Oscrempe?


  1. Beautiful, and well written. .. we will forever remember Babajide for being an awesome friend, and sharing his life with us.

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  3. Its a question dat won't b answered. All I can say is RIP BABAJIDE.

  4. A friend no one can ever replace...E.D. I'll forever remember your kindness, generousity, humility, love(and willingness to love), determination, decidedness...could go on and on. You inspired me to become a better man. Forever in my heart

  5. Wow, am smiling 4 d 1st time dis week, a perfect description of oscrempe, we love him but dere is a reason 4 everything. Forever in my heart my loving brother

  6. Wow, am smiling 4 d 1st time dis week, a perfect description of oscrempe, we love him but dere is a reason 4 everything. Forever in my heart my loving brother

  7. May his soul rest in peace till we meet to part no more

  8. Wow Debisi, this is lovely. Keep up the good work. BJ's death and the illness am quickly getting out of right now is teaching me lots of new things about life. None of us has the least right to determine neither our time in nor our time out from this earth and yet...
    B.YEH like I call him will always be on my mind until I drop dead because I will continue to teach the lessons he taught me to everyone all the days of my life on earth.
    Oscrempe. Don't worry bro. All I can assure you is " In God I will always trust ".
    If you see my parents over there, pls tell them I still love them very much. They mean a lot to me.

    Rest on brother, God will soon come and we will be re-united again.

    1. how are u feeling now? whats wrong with u? the Lord is ur strength and He will indeed perfect His healing in your life.

  9. I will forever read dis article about Babajide Owoseje. He was a dear friend whose loving memory forever lingers in my heart. Ur ways are a great lesson for mankind. Thanks for being there Babajide. I have no doubt you're in the best of places. Continue to rest on my bro.


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