Sunday, 27 October 2013


Dear Friends,

How is it going? Hope all is going well? It might not even be going well, but I just hope that in the midst of it all you still find a reason to be happy and thankful for the things that are still in place.

Please keep standing even when life gets you down and your hopes and dreams are nowhere to be found, just know that you are too close to give up, because your breakthrough is right infront of you. So in the midst of this unexplainable time when you feel like you are going under, please stand because nothing is strong enough to bring you down.
I am in  that phase myself and I choose to stand.

Be strong dear friends.

Yous Sincerely,


Sunday, 20 October 2013


This morning i picked up the paper i read about tragedy and just then i realized that it could have been me, that could have been a member of my family or even friends but God kept them just as He kept me, all I want to say is that God has smiled on me, He has set me free and He’s being so good to me. That you are alive, standing and breathing is a witness to the goodness and mercy of God. Read through the papers, look around you, see the number of innocent souls that die every day, see the number of people that loose a part of their body daily, see the number of people who cannot afford a meal or even shelter, see little children who do not yet know their right from left suffering from the problems they know nothing about, then maybe you would know how to say thank you Jesus. The truth is you are alive by the grace of God and no matter the difficulty you are in look around you and find a reason to thank God because your case is way better than that of another. Wake up in the morning and say THANK U JESUS, at night do the same, at work, at play, at school.
Thank you Jesus, that’s one thing you should never get tired of saying and one thing no one is too young or too old to do. Start now, i just said mine.

Monday, 14 October 2013


Dear friends, at the end of life, we will be asked how we lived our lives and the essence of it.

The truth is no one knows when that life will end, so don't wait till it ends before u start making sense out of it, begin now to ponder on why you are here and what you will tell God the giver of your life when he asks for it, would you have made it better, would you have made it worse or would you have destroyed it completely.

Imagine if you were going to die soon and had only one call to make, who would you call? What would u say? If you had one more thing to do, if you had one more life to change, if you had one more choice to make, if you had one more chance to be a good person, what would it be, what would you do and why are u still waiting, go on and do it, do things you want to before there is no time again, do not waste the present by waiting for the future to come, live life and take each moment as if it were the last. Hear the song before the music ends. A pleasant afternoon to you.

Friday, 11 October 2013


This morning I looked through my Facebook page and as I scrolled through, I saw adverts, I saw prayers, jokes and even news. But then I got to a post and I just got stuck there, my mouth was opened and I couldn’t close it, I tried to understand what I had just read but I couldn’t, I tried to explain it, I tried to put myself in the family’s shoes, I tried to do a lot of things all at once but I just couldn’t. I was blank, I didn’t know the person but I could feel the grief of the family, I could imagine the pain of the family. As I took another look at the post, I felt bad. This was the post:

We lost a dear friend to accident yesterday; he was coming back from his NYSC POP, had an accident and died. RIP Henry, u'll always b in our hearts.

I know that people die every day; I know that people have accidents and die, I know that people leave their homes and never come back, I know that the news of death floods the media all the time. I am aware. I have seen people read about death, accident and make remarks like, ‘it happens’, ‘oh it’s one of those things’, ‘that one isn’t tragic enough, did you hear of…’

It looks like tragedy has become a middle name and somehow we become unmoved by the happenings around us. I am not saying we should linger on evil happenings or hold on to the past but what are we doing about them. Do we pray to God about these things? Do we check our cars properly before leaving the house? Do we go for regular servicing? Do we avoid over speeding? Do we go for regular health checkups? Do we visit the doctors when we feel sick? Do we help people who are at the point of death in the little way we can? Do we look out for other people when we notice strange things? The list is endless. These things happen and we still ask what can I do? There is so much to be done. A lot of accidents can be averted; there are some sicknesses that wouldn’t have led to death if they were detected early enough.

The fact that tragedy has become a contact thing does not make it good, it does not make it right. There is a lot that we can do.

God forbid but if it were our close relative that died would it just be one of those things for us, if it were our blood, would it just be one of those things, if it were our partners would it just be one of those things. No it wouldn’t, we would not find it funny, we would not laugh at the thought, and we would not even want to hear it. We would do what we have to do, if it is cry, mourn, pray, keep silent, whatever works we will do.

I can imagine Henry’s Mother waiting excitedly at the door of her house for her son who was on his way back from youth service. She must have made his favourite meal, she must have spread the news to her neighbours, only for that joy to be short lived, she heard the good news but she couldn’t feel it, she couldn’t see it, she just heard it.

She must have been paralysed with grieve. Many thoughts running through her head, I cannot begin to imagine the grief.

The truth is a lot of people will still die, tragedy will happen but there are some that can be averted. We have heard of people who prayed and stopped death, we have heard of people who took the right medication and escaped death, we have heard of people who put their cars in good condition and escaped death through the help of God.

We do not want untimely death. We all have a plan, purpose and destiny to fulfil; death should not cut it off. I know that people will still die, I know that we will still hear of stories of death but when we hear about it, the least we can do is observe a minute silence for these people and say a prayer for the family, whatever comes to our mind to do but make sure it is something you would want people to do when they hear that you are gone (definitely not now, God will spare us to fulfil our purpose and destiny)

No matter how much of hurt and pain we experience, we must never make it a part of us, we must not see them as normal. Pain, tragedy and tears are not normal and by the power of God there are some that can be averted.

Pain is not normal, joy is. Please mourn with those who mourn, rejoice with those who rejoice, no one knows tomorrow.

I pray that in the remaining part of this year you will not just hear joy, you will experience it, feel it and see it in Jesus name.

Rest in peace Henry, May the Lord comfort your family and loved ones.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Omo eniyan, ye se owo re wo o,

Eniyan, Eniyan ranti a ti sun re.

Everyman must consider the work of his hands because everything in life is fleeting. A lot of us live our lives without stopping to think about God, life and death, we go on like there is no end, we have become too obsessed with wealth and material possessions, we have become obsessed with beauty and physical gains, we forget that all of earthly comforts are fleeting.

We do not stop to ask the essence of life, we do not stop to ask where we would spend eternity, we do not stop to ask where life will lead us, we do not stop to ask about our maker, we do not stop to think. We are blinded by our own selfish desires, we are consumed in our own greed and over ambitiousness, we have forsaken the words of the preacher, we have forgotten that it is better to listen to the words of a wise man than to pay attention to the songs of a fool.

We have forgotten that there is a time for everything, to all things there is a season, a time and a reason. A time to be born a time to die, a time to tear apart, a time to sow, a time to gather and a time to scatter, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time speak and a time to shut up. For all things there is a time and a reason.

We go on as though life would go on forever, we forget that to all things there is a season, we forget that life will end one day as though it never was. IF YOU DOUBT THIS, ASK THE DEAD MAN. Vanity upon Vanity, ki la mu waye, ki la o mu lo, ofo laye ja mo. We have come to the world with nothing and we would return with nothing. Friends, families, wealth, all of these will end once life is over.

We live just once, if we live it well, this once will be just enough.  God has given us life and it is our duties to live our life for him. We must live our lives in total submission to God.

Our wealth, beauty, friends, possessions should not take us away from God, these things will not go with us into the grave and that is why we must examine ourselves. It is not about what we possess or what we have, it is about what we do, our actions towards man and God. We must remember that we will all be judged, we will stand before our maker someday and give an account.

Those who have died cannot make any remedy, all they have now are the things they did while they were on earth but for those of us that are still living, we must take this opportunity, we must take this chance to do that which is right and pleasing to our maker.

Remember that we will all die someday, we will leave the face of the earth with nothing, and whatever we have will be gone. Take this day to do what it is that you plan on doing tomorrow because you may never have the chance, take this day to do what it is that might be a regret tomorrow. There is no time, many have died and many will still die.

Life is not hard, submit to the maker, enjoy life, do what is right, be content whatever your lot, make changes where necessary and please you maker.

Vanity upon Vanity says the teacher, all is vanity. Our beauty, wealth, possessions, all that we have will be gone, all gone.

Softly softly my brother, my sister, what do you have that you have not received, remember your maker.

A warning for everyman, return to your maker.

Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hatred is deep, hatred is strong, hatred is bitter, hatred is a killer. If there is a word I try so hard not to use, it is hatred, it is a word too strong. It is a life threatening disease and requires immediate attention.

There are many people who are blind; some are blinded by love, some by wealth, some by power and some by hatred. I would like to talk about those who are blinded by hatred. These are the category of people who do not want to love. They do not see anything as good; all that they see is error. They hate because they want to hate, they hate because they feel they should, they hate because they feel it’s their right to, they hate because they cannot have their way, they hate because they are busy making assumptions, they hate because they are overthinking for people, they hate because they feel like, they just hate.

Hatred is deep; it is a terrible, dangerous and burdensome thing. Hatred is a killer, it kills and damages the inner mind, and it makes you blind to its effect. The thing about hatred is that it does not only affect others, it kills the hater.

Who is the hater? The hater is that fellow who tries all he can to frustrate others, the hater is that fellow who never wants to make peace, all he does is try to fuel anger and wrath, the hater is that fellow who finds it impossible to love, the hater is that fellow who constantly tries to put others down, the hater is that fellow that hurts others, he does not care how much he’s hurting people, he just keeps on hurting.

You cannot afford to breed hate inside of you. Hate is too deep, it’s too hard, it’s too consuming. Hate envelops a man and keeps him in darkness, hate has no good friends, hate makes you blind to opportunities, hate makes you blind to the truth, hates makes you lose people who love you, hate drives away fortunes and leaves you in bitterness.

If you cannot stay happy with people, if you cannot stay happy for people, if you are not willing love people and forgive every hurt, if you love to take revenge and be even with people. You just might need to change. There is no such thing as that’s how I am, I cannot change, no such thing, because you can. It is hatred that has changed your perspective and brought in negativity. You need to begin to see things in a different light.

Hatred is bad and bitter and that’s why if there is hatred in one’s life, such a person will never be able to accept the love of another because all he sees is hate and the language he speaks to the world is hate.

Do not go along with hatreds blindness, open your eyes, see the good in everyone, don’t just hate, even when there are reasons to hate, please don’t hate. Find a reason to love, find a reason to help, find a reason to be kind and most importantly find a reason to make others happy.

If you are hatred blind, you need a surgery, the earlier the better because it is a life threatening disease.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I have a very old pair of shoes on my rack, you know those old shoes you have that would be really embarrassing to give out to another person, Yes, those kind of old shoes. I no longer wear it but it is still on my rack to fill space, I am sure that when I acquire more shoes, I will remove it. If something happens and the shoe disappears, I wouldn’t be bothered because the shoe is just there, does nothing, says nothing and adds no value. Just like my shoe, that’s the way some people are, they are just filling space, they do not make any impact. You have not started living if you have not started impacting. A life that does not impact will soon become a living history.

Well you might say that my shoe once served a purpose, but the truth is as at this moment, it serves no purpose and right now is what matters. One must consistently make impact, there is no stopping because once you stop making the impact people start forgetting.

The truth is things may not always go the way that we have planned them. Sometimes we make a long list of the things we want, but often times, we do not even get close to one. Life is not always about what we want or do not want, life is about creating, creating beautiful memories for others, creating loving memories for your community, creating moments that bring hope and meaning.

Life is about making impact. It does not matter how rich you are, if people have not benefitted from your wealth, you have not maximized your wealth.

No matter how brilliant you are, if you have not helped others achieve anything, you are not truly brilliant.

No matter how kind you think you are, if you have not helped anyone then you are not kind.

The people we help are a reflection of the kind of life we are living.

A good life is a life that flows with love to others, a life that daily seeks to impact others, a life that reaches out to those in need, a life that constantly thinks about making life easier for others, a life that never stops showing love, a life that brings smile to the faces of even the most difficult people, a life that creates and doesn’t stop creating.

You might say that you don’t have a good life so for you this is unachievable. Life is what you make of it, when you make it a point of duty to live an impactful life, your life changes, your life doesn’t remain the same because you suddenly develop a new hope, a new commitment, a new reason to live, a new reason to fight through every day, a new reason bigger than you.

We must live beyond ourselves; we must know that our life isn’t just a struggle. Struggle to achieve, struggle to possess, struggle to be above others, struggle to be wealthy, struggle and more struggle

A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth. Luke 12:15. Possessing and acquiring is not what life is about. When a man dies, all his wealth and possessions pass on to another, but his good works never leave him, they will always linger in the hearts of those whose lives have been touched by it. Contrary to the thoughts of people, money is not the true measure of a good life, impact is. How many people benefit from your life, how many people have made it through because you stepped into their life? A life without impact is as good as no life. When Jesus was upon the face of the earth, His life was full of great impact. Everywhere He went, He lived a mark, and people just had to know that Jesus had been somewhere. Where there was war, He brought peace, where there was hatred He brought love, where there was sickness, He brought healing, where there was death, He brought life. His life was lived for others, He made it a point of duty to always leave a mark.

Some people would say it is only the rich and influential people that can make impact and I would say that is a lie. Even people who do not have anything can live an impactful life. Be the reason for other peoples smiles, encourage someone who is down, offer help to the discouraged. Doing something for others is a sign that we are truly living.

When we live our lives in our own shell, thinking just about ourselves, wrapped in our own arms and searching for comfort on our own, we are not living and we may not find that comfort, we are only filling space but we are not truly living life.

Offer help, see the need of another, pull a brother up, show a little bit of love and kindness, open your heart to see people who truly need rescuing, do not go about with hatred’s blindness. As I write a song comes to mind:

Show a little bit of love and kindness,

Never go along with hatreds blindness,

Take a little time to reach for joy and wear a happy face.

Sing a little bit when the days are dreary

Give a little help to a friend, who’s weary,

That’s the way to make the world a happy place

Decide to make your life impactful, take some time to help people, do not be caught up in your own world. Whoever you are, whatever you are, your life is never ever too little or too big to make an impact.

Do not become an old shoe that’s just filling space; don’t just fill space in your family, don’t just fill space in your relationship, don’t just fill space in your friends life, don’t just fill space at your work place. No! Refuse to be an old shoe.

Start making impact… Start leaving a mark… Start living life


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