Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Beauty is Infectious

Compliments! Give them to yourself and give to others. How can you stay beautiful when you ignore beauty? How can your heart stay beautiful, when you can’t praise beauty? We must learn to appreciate beauty in ourselves and in others, we must learn to like the beautiful good, we must learn to follow beautiful. Identify the beautiful concept, the beautiful idea, the beautiful dream in yourself and in others. Don’t be afraid to call yourself beautiful, don’t be too proud to call others beautiful. See the good in everyone and call it by its name. How can our hearts stay beautiful when our eyes constantly ignore what’s beautiful? Have you paid someone a compliment today? Have you paid yourself a compliment today? Have you said something nice to someone who isn’t in your GOON SQUAD. Everyone deserves a kind word and everyone heart deserves to stay beautiful. You can start by being BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL. If it’s beautiful just SAY it because for every time you talk about beauty, a part of you receives it and a portion of your heart accepts it. Beauty is infectious.

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