Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Greatness is in You

I’m searching for my purpose’ A lot of times I hear people say they are on a mission to find their purpose and the reason they were created. God is an absolute God, when He made man, He made man with intention, with an already defined purpose. God had everything at His disposal and He created man to walk in that dominion. God didn’t create you to search for a purpose He already gave, He created you to walk in the knowledge of that purpose and fulfil it. Many of us are spending time meant for fulfilling purpose in finding it. God didn’t create us to search for relevance, purpose, greatness, He created us purposefully, He created us relevant, He only wants us to by His grace walk in this greatness and relevance. God made man to be like Him in worship and service, that’s all the purpose we need to fulfil, what we need to open ourselves to is the grace that God has made available to live the life He expects and one that will bring glory to him. Your purpose is not in the searching, purpose is what will lead us to live the life God wants us for us. So Purpose is not a destination, Purpose is the Way. God made man for a purpose to guide Him into living the glorious life that He intended. Stop searching when you should be revealing and unveiling.
You are made for greatness and destined to live purposely. Many times when we say I’m searching for purpose, it is out of a desire to be like someone, to find relevance, but God’s Purpose is nothing about self gratification, it is all about service outside self. Until we realize that we may never live in God’s Purpose. Many times our search remains futile because we search for what we already have. It’s time to walk in God’s wisdom. We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance as our way of life......
Every gift we have, acquire and possess is another reason to serve. All it takes has been given at creation. There is no guessing with God, He has power, greatness, grace, relevance and all that He gave as our birthright, the question then is, Have we received yet?

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