Friday, 12 December 2014


I write about a man, a fine man.
I write about his heart,
I write about how he is totally sold out to God in thoughts and actions.
I write about his strength,
I write about how protected I feel when his arms are circled around me.
I write about his voice, voice so melting,
I write about how tender and soothing his words run through my veins.
I write about his touch,
I write about how soft and smooth it flows.
I write about his respect,
I write about how he honours and regards a woman.
I write about his faithfulness,
I write about how he stays true to one woman.
I write about his truth,
I write about how the thoughts in his heart, the look on his face and the words of his mouth all dance to the same rhythm.
I write about his power,
I write about how beautifully he shares in my worries like it were joy.
I write about his smile,
I write about how perfectly the curves are created around his mouth even in trying times.
I write about his security,
I write about how he is not destructively jealous neither is he rude.
I write about his patience,
I write about how he waits, how he just sits and wait.
I write about his heart,
I write about his forgiveness and how easily he puts the past behind.
I write about his quietness,
I write about how in his mind he rains prayers for his beloved.
I write about words unspoken,
I write about how even in silence actions reveal silence.
I write about his face,
I write about the beauty that radiates from being together.
I write about his profession,
I write about how hard-working and committed he is.
I write about his determination,
I write about how he doesn't stop until its done.
I write about his character,
I write about how endearing and charming he is.
I write about his imperfection,
I write about how quickly imperfectly perfect the man is.
I write about his mistakes,
I write about how quickly he learns and moves on.
I write about the mixed feelings,
I write about how quickly thoughts and actions are on the good time.
I write about his love,
I write about how contagious, how magical, how passionate, how real it is.
I write about his God,
I write about how he has been blessed and how his relationship has even made him a better man.
I write about a man, whose heart is sold to loving,

When you see the man I write about, please tell him that I know my love gives him strength but he should know that loving a man like him gives me courage.

Thursday, 11 December 2014


I refuse to be the ‘in vogue’ girl,
I refuse to live constantly in sin,
I refuse to take nudity as the new fashion style,
I refuse to cheat on love,
I refuse to be another man’s secret,
I refuse to be the reason behind another’s sorrows,
I refuse to be disrespected,
I refuse to judge the pride and dignity of womanhood on the shallow table of physical beauty.
I refuse to be neutral.
I choose to take a side,
I choose to stand for what is right even if I stand alone,
I choose to stand and be a support in time of adversity
I refuse to chop, clean mouth and carry go,
I plan to work hard and long in the way of my goals.
I refuse to be the voice that shuts others down,
I refuse to bully and harass others,
I refuse to see anyone as ordinary because no one truly is.
God sits in the temple of human body so I choose to stand and see God in every one.
I refuse to be a pain and reproach to those who love me.
I refuse to give my children and husband anything short of the best.
I refuse to stand down,
I choose to stand for what I believe even if that makes me unpopular.
I refuse to live a fake life,
I refuse to grace the bed of men for favours,
I refuse to fight against myself,
I refuse to allow inordinate affections becloud my judgement,
I refuse to give anyone permission to abuse me.
I am a voice
I am a people
I am a nation
I am a brand
I am Gods ambassador
I refuse to be anything less
I refuse to be the in vogue girl who just goes with the flow, who is willing to bend standards for the pleasure of the moment.
I refuse to be the in vogue girl who is not willing to make sacrifices to reach her goals, who is not capable of loving truthfully.
I refuse to be the in vogue girl whose standards are determined by what society says and what the world accepts.
I refuse to be the in vogue kind of girl because I am a daddy’s girl and daddy’s girls have standards, when they fall short of daddy’s standards, they run back into the loving arms of daddy.
Do they give up? NO
Do they stand down? NO
Daddy simply gives strength to carry on and try again to live by the standards. So yes I would rather be a daddy’s girl than be judged by the ever changing rules of the world.

Daddy’s Girl.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


'When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.'  Isa 43:2

As I read through this bible promise, I imagined one in the deep waters, drowning but still struggling to come out of the deep, hands looking for one to hold his hands out, with no help in sight, he battles for another chance at life. With his last breathe he begins to fight, hoping that he would come out of the deep waters. At that point, there’s a fight, there’s a determination to live, a determination to survive, a determination never to give up.

Then I searched through the dictionary. The dictionary defines deep as extending far below the surface; far to the bottom: low in situation: lying far below the general surface; hard to comprehend.

This implies that deep could be really extreme. I hear people say ‘you are in deep soup.’ It means that such a person is so deep, so gone, so down into that trouble that there might be no way of escape.

 I look around and I see a lot of deep waters. People trying to stay on top; people trying to ride safely on the water; people struggling and trying to find a way of escape. Sometimes it’s so messy and you cannot just understand it. When we get to those points where we can’t comprehend, when we get to the points of struggle, when we get to the point where all effort to ride safely proves abortive, that friends is DEEP.

We must have been through certain deep waters in our lives, we might even be going through them right now but what are you doing in the deep waters. The work of life is something we must not give up on; we mustn't get to the deep and admit that it is over because the deep waters won’t last forever.

As I look through this promise I realise that there will be times when we will pass through the DEEP but there’s a promise of a guard, there’s a promise that we are never alone, there’s a promise that we will not drown, there’s a promise that we will come out stronger, there’s a promise that for as long as we are in the deep we are never alone.

Are you below the surface? Are you far at the bottom? Are you low in situation? Are you lying far below general surface? Then you are in a deep but you are not alone.
As we walk through the deep waters of life, we must constantly remember the promise of a life guard, that promise, that hope, that assurance, that truth must keep us going. It is capable of sustaining and relieving every drowning person. 

Think about it, you didn't just fall on the surface of the earth, you didn't just appear by an act of magic, you came into the world as something beautiful, a masterpiece, a rare gem, a miracle and a treasure. How dare you think that you are alone?

It is only a deep water, stretch out your hands and the one who knew how you came to be made a promise of companionship. If you think He would fail on that promise you need to have a rethink.

Love is all that matters

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