Monday, 4 May 2015

Who is raising Cain?

The world is busy,
The seconds are ticking,
The minutes are moving,
The night is dying,
Morning is dawning,
The days are rolling,
But who is raising Cain?

Men are working,
Women are nurturing,
children are playing,
Boys are learning,
Girls are singing,
But again who is raising Cain?

Parents are working,
Mothers are travelling,
Sisters are partying,
Brothers are clubbing,
Babies are crying,
Is there anyone raising Cain?

The sun is dying,
The moon keeps crying,
The rain is pouring,
The wind fiercely blowing,
The darkness is frightening,
Danger is looming,
We cannot find Cain.

For we know not who the Cain Raiser is.

                                                                                                To be continued…

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