Thursday, 11 December 2014


I refuse to be the ‘in vogue’ girl,
I refuse to live constantly in sin,
I refuse to take nudity as the new fashion style,
I refuse to cheat on love,
I refuse to be another man’s secret,
I refuse to be the reason behind another’s sorrows,
I refuse to be disrespected,
I refuse to judge the pride and dignity of womanhood on the shallow table of physical beauty.
I refuse to be neutral.
I choose to take a side,
I choose to stand for what is right even if I stand alone,
I choose to stand and be a support in time of adversity
I refuse to chop, clean mouth and carry go,
I plan to work hard and long in the way of my goals.
I refuse to be the voice that shuts others down,
I refuse to bully and harass others,
I refuse to see anyone as ordinary because no one truly is.
God sits in the temple of human body so I choose to stand and see God in every one.
I refuse to be a pain and reproach to those who love me.
I refuse to give my children and husband anything short of the best.
I refuse to stand down,
I choose to stand for what I believe even if that makes me unpopular.
I refuse to live a fake life,
I refuse to grace the bed of men for favours,
I refuse to fight against myself,
I refuse to allow inordinate affections becloud my judgement,
I refuse to give anyone permission to abuse me.
I am a voice
I am a people
I am a nation
I am a brand
I am Gods ambassador
I refuse to be anything less
I refuse to be the in vogue girl who just goes with the flow, who is willing to bend standards for the pleasure of the moment.
I refuse to be the in vogue girl who is not willing to make sacrifices to reach her goals, who is not capable of loving truthfully.
I refuse to be the in vogue girl whose standards are determined by what society says and what the world accepts.
I refuse to be the in vogue kind of girl because I am a daddy’s girl and daddy’s girls have standards, when they fall short of daddy’s standards, they run back into the loving arms of daddy.
Do they give up? NO
Do they stand down? NO
Daddy simply gives strength to carry on and try again to live by the standards. So yes I would rather be a daddy’s girl than be judged by the ever changing rules of the world.

Daddy’s Girl.

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