Tuesday, 9 December 2014


'When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.'  Isa 43:2

As I read through this bible promise, I imagined one in the deep waters, drowning but still struggling to come out of the deep, hands looking for one to hold his hands out, with no help in sight, he battles for another chance at life. With his last breathe he begins to fight, hoping that he would come out of the deep waters. At that point, there’s a fight, there’s a determination to live, a determination to survive, a determination never to give up.

Then I searched through the dictionary. The dictionary defines deep as extending far below the surface; far to the bottom: low in situation: lying far below the general surface; hard to comprehend.

This implies that deep could be really extreme. I hear people say ‘you are in deep soup.’ It means that such a person is so deep, so gone, so down into that trouble that there might be no way of escape.

 I look around and I see a lot of deep waters. People trying to stay on top; people trying to ride safely on the water; people struggling and trying to find a way of escape. Sometimes it’s so messy and you cannot just understand it. When we get to those points where we can’t comprehend, when we get to the points of struggle, when we get to the point where all effort to ride safely proves abortive, that friends is DEEP.

We must have been through certain deep waters in our lives, we might even be going through them right now but what are you doing in the deep waters. The work of life is something we must not give up on; we mustn't get to the deep and admit that it is over because the deep waters won’t last forever.

As I look through this promise I realise that there will be times when we will pass through the DEEP but there’s a promise of a guard, there’s a promise that we are never alone, there’s a promise that we will not drown, there’s a promise that we will come out stronger, there’s a promise that for as long as we are in the deep we are never alone.

Are you below the surface? Are you far at the bottom? Are you low in situation? Are you lying far below general surface? Then you are in a deep but you are not alone.
As we walk through the deep waters of life, we must constantly remember the promise of a life guard, that promise, that hope, that assurance, that truth must keep us going. It is capable of sustaining and relieving every drowning person. 

Think about it, you didn't just fall on the surface of the earth, you didn't just appear by an act of magic, you came into the world as something beautiful, a masterpiece, a rare gem, a miracle and a treasure. How dare you think that you are alone?

It is only a deep water, stretch out your hands and the one who knew how you came to be made a promise of companionship. If you think He would fail on that promise you need to have a rethink.

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