Sunday, 20 October 2013


This morning i picked up the paper i read about tragedy and just then i realized that it could have been me, that could have been a member of my family or even friends but God kept them just as He kept me, all I want to say is that God has smiled on me, He has set me free and He’s being so good to me. That you are alive, standing and breathing is a witness to the goodness and mercy of God. Read through the papers, look around you, see the number of innocent souls that die every day, see the number of people that loose a part of their body daily, see the number of people who cannot afford a meal or even shelter, see little children who do not yet know their right from left suffering from the problems they know nothing about, then maybe you would know how to say thank you Jesus. The truth is you are alive by the grace of God and no matter the difficulty you are in look around you and find a reason to thank God because your case is way better than that of another. Wake up in the morning and say THANK U JESUS, at night do the same, at work, at play, at school.
Thank you Jesus, that’s one thing you should never get tired of saying and one thing no one is too young or too old to do. Start now, i just said mine.

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