Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Omo eniyan, ye se owo re wo o,

Eniyan, Eniyan ranti a ti sun re.

Everyman must consider the work of his hands because everything in life is fleeting. A lot of us live our lives without stopping to think about God, life and death, we go on like there is no end, we have become too obsessed with wealth and material possessions, we have become obsessed with beauty and physical gains, we forget that all of earthly comforts are fleeting.

We do not stop to ask the essence of life, we do not stop to ask where we would spend eternity, we do not stop to ask where life will lead us, we do not stop to ask about our maker, we do not stop to think. We are blinded by our own selfish desires, we are consumed in our own greed and over ambitiousness, we have forsaken the words of the preacher, we have forgotten that it is better to listen to the words of a wise man than to pay attention to the songs of a fool.

We have forgotten that there is a time for everything, to all things there is a season, a time and a reason. A time to be born a time to die, a time to tear apart, a time to sow, a time to gather and a time to scatter, a time to embrace and a time to refrain, a time speak and a time to shut up. For all things there is a time and a reason.

We go on as though life would go on forever, we forget that to all things there is a season, we forget that life will end one day as though it never was. IF YOU DOUBT THIS, ASK THE DEAD MAN. Vanity upon Vanity, ki la mu waye, ki la o mu lo, ofo laye ja mo. We have come to the world with nothing and we would return with nothing. Friends, families, wealth, all of these will end once life is over.

We live just once, if we live it well, this once will be just enough.  God has given us life and it is our duties to live our life for him. We must live our lives in total submission to God.

Our wealth, beauty, friends, possessions should not take us away from God, these things will not go with us into the grave and that is why we must examine ourselves. It is not about what we possess or what we have, it is about what we do, our actions towards man and God. We must remember that we will all be judged, we will stand before our maker someday and give an account.

Those who have died cannot make any remedy, all they have now are the things they did while they were on earth but for those of us that are still living, we must take this opportunity, we must take this chance to do that which is right and pleasing to our maker.

Remember that we will all die someday, we will leave the face of the earth with nothing, and whatever we have will be gone. Take this day to do what it is that you plan on doing tomorrow because you may never have the chance, take this day to do what it is that might be a regret tomorrow. There is no time, many have died and many will still die.

Life is not hard, submit to the maker, enjoy life, do what is right, be content whatever your lot, make changes where necessary and please you maker.

Vanity upon Vanity says the teacher, all is vanity. Our beauty, wealth, possessions, all that we have will be gone, all gone.

Softly softly my brother, my sister, what do you have that you have not received, remember your maker.

A warning for everyman, return to your maker.

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