Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hatred is deep, hatred is strong, hatred is bitter, hatred is a killer. If there is a word I try so hard not to use, it is hatred, it is a word too strong. It is a life threatening disease and requires immediate attention.

There are many people who are blind; some are blinded by love, some by wealth, some by power and some by hatred. I would like to talk about those who are blinded by hatred. These are the category of people who do not want to love. They do not see anything as good; all that they see is error. They hate because they want to hate, they hate because they feel they should, they hate because they feel it’s their right to, they hate because they cannot have their way, they hate because they are busy making assumptions, they hate because they are overthinking for people, they hate because they feel like, they just hate.

Hatred is deep; it is a terrible, dangerous and burdensome thing. Hatred is a killer, it kills and damages the inner mind, and it makes you blind to its effect. The thing about hatred is that it does not only affect others, it kills the hater.

Who is the hater? The hater is that fellow who tries all he can to frustrate others, the hater is that fellow who never wants to make peace, all he does is try to fuel anger and wrath, the hater is that fellow who finds it impossible to love, the hater is that fellow who constantly tries to put others down, the hater is that fellow that hurts others, he does not care how much he’s hurting people, he just keeps on hurting.

You cannot afford to breed hate inside of you. Hate is too deep, it’s too hard, it’s too consuming. Hate envelops a man and keeps him in darkness, hate has no good friends, hate makes you blind to opportunities, hate makes you blind to the truth, hates makes you lose people who love you, hate drives away fortunes and leaves you in bitterness.

If you cannot stay happy with people, if you cannot stay happy for people, if you are not willing love people and forgive every hurt, if you love to take revenge and be even with people. You just might need to change. There is no such thing as that’s how I am, I cannot change, no such thing, because you can. It is hatred that has changed your perspective and brought in negativity. You need to begin to see things in a different light.

Hatred is bad and bitter and that’s why if there is hatred in one’s life, such a person will never be able to accept the love of another because all he sees is hate and the language he speaks to the world is hate.

Do not go along with hatreds blindness, open your eyes, see the good in everyone, don’t just hate, even when there are reasons to hate, please don’t hate. Find a reason to love, find a reason to help, find a reason to be kind and most importantly find a reason to make others happy.

If you are hatred blind, you need a surgery, the earlier the better because it is a life threatening disease.

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