Friday, 2 November 2012


I am a big fan of good music. Music that lifts the soul and strengthens the Spirit. I always want more of those kinds anytime, any day. So today, I would want us to do a song together.  Worry not if you don’t have a good voice, all join. But if you have a wonderful voice like I do “sticking out tongue” that would be very fantastic too. Let’s sing:

My head is spinning like a carousel full of attention

And I cannot deny that I’m enjoying the attention

Crowd is cheering loudly,

World is looking at me

For one second I forget that this is not about me, spotlights on me

Is the world gonna listen that I’m just another vessel bringing glory unto thee

… Ori mi n wu o, E lagimo. – Rooftop MCS ft Cohbams

Many times in life, it is not about how we started but how we end. This song is a reminder to a lot of us that times will come when the fame of the world, when the little change in our pockets, when the flattery of a brother or sister will tend to take us far away from where we are going. When we get to those points, we need to relax, take a deep breath and ask God to hit our head so hard and save it from swelling.

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and say “oh, what a beauty, is this really me? So I can be as fine as this, oh my God is that an obvious curve around my hips, wow. I must now begin to choose the people I walk with or you get a promotion at work and you begin to look down on those who were once on the same floor with you, or somehow a miracle happens in your life that landed you out of the country and you start to form British oyinbo and you suddenly claim that you don’t understand the language of your old friends. Great things just happen in your life and instead of using those great moments to help people; you use it to impress them.  Word of advice, slow down baby, your head is swelling, go get a slab. My Yoruba people will say “ki lo gbe to n gbi?”

Many musicians started from church today, they moved from thanking God, to inspiration and then to promoters of nudity and raw language. Many men of God started with a call from God but soon the flatter and praise of men got in the way and they lost focus. Majority of people today think that they are in the right lane; they think that they are on course. They think because they started well, they are still on track. Many forget that it is not how well you started but what your retaining power is. Many people started the wrong way but they received their slab at a very early stage and have redirected their steps. A lot of people are lost in the flattery and praise of men that they forget that it is not about them, it is about God.

 The bible says “Let he that thinketh he stand take heed lest he fall.” What do you have that you have not received, what can you give to any man that has not first being given to you. It is not in your place to become proud because of your beauty, fame, success or achievements. It was given to you so that others can benefit from it. Has the Lord blessed you so much, has He placed in you great gifts and talents, has He made you fruitful. How do you react to the blessings of God? Do you allow the praise and flattery of men get in the way, or do you focus on God and keep yourself in check with daily slabs from Him or do you enjoy the attention so much that you forget the purpose for which you were placed in that company, the purpose you were made rich, the purpose of which your life is so beautiful, the purpose of which you became famous. Do not thread on other peoples emotion, do not oppress them. Do not become proud that you forget God the giver of all good gifts and you focus on the gift. God is the giver and He sits in heaven as He watches every man, don’t let the gift and call of God be in vain. Be humble, be helpful, be a vessel bringing glory unto God, and don’t let it all get into your head.  If you are moving off course, if you are allowing the praise of people get into your head, if you are forgetting God, if you are enjoying the spotlight, take a minute and slow down darling, go back to God and get a slab.

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