Sunday, 4 November 2012


When I started to type this piece on my laptop, I smiled because the first word I typed was wo-mansalt and as expected my laptop drew a red curvy line under the word. Telling me that madam you have entered a wrong word but I know I didn’t because It is my own special word, I have not heard it from anyone, so in my mind as at now o, na me form am and I will tell you the meaning soon.

When God looks to and fro throughout the earth for womansalt, He is not in search of angels. He is in search of you and me, people who are deeply spiritual, genuinely humble, totally honest and servants who have integrity. I am sure you would be wondering by now what womansalt is. Well, it is my own way of saying a WOMANSALT and a MANSALT. The bible likens us to salt. It says “Ye are the Salt of the earth.” That means that we were not planted on earth just to occupy it or be a part of the census. We were put on earth to sweeten it. Therefore a WO-MAN SALT is a man or a woman who is fulfilling the purpose of God on earth by sweetening the earth and what do I call the WO-MAN SALT, they are men and women after Gods heart. 

These set of people are deeply sensitive to spiritual things. They live a life in harmony with the Lord. Whatever burdens the Lord burdens them. They are not gratified by their own fleshy desires. They are honourable and faithful. They cannot be bought, they live above the praises of men and their focus is ever on God.

This reminds me about the story of a certain man, Ogo Ololajulo. Ogo is a prince, and then you know that his father is a king. His father is not one of those unsuccessful kings, He is a rich and very famous king. The wealth of this family could not be quantified. If the king decided to distribute money to his people every day, he would still not run out of wealth. In this kingdom, there was so much peace, prosperity and abundance. But somewhere along the line, the people began to do evil in the sight of this great king. Despite all the warning given to them, they did not heed, they continued in their negative ways. In the midst of their negligence, there arose another prince whose duty was to kill all the people and take them to his own kingdom. This prince was evil and very dangerous. When Ogos father found out his plan, it burdened him and he sought to find solution to the problem. In a bid to save the people, He sent His one and only son Ogo Ololajulo into their midst to deliver them from death. In full obedience to His father, Ogo left the palace, the wealth, the comfort, the peace, the enjoyment; he left them all behind to save the people from the dangerous prince.

When He got there, he realised that there was so much pain, chaos, sickness, trouble and disease all around. He made it a point of duty with the help of His father to heal the sick, bring peace to troubled families, give increase to those who experienced lack; He turned the hearts of many away from destruction and brought them back to light. For as many as have lost one thing or the other, He ensured restoration. With all the great works He did, many turned back to the right part but still some did not depart from their evil ways, they continued to do wrong. Eventually their evil acts led Ogo to His death but before Ogo left their midst, He ensured that He had made more disciples, He had groomed people more like Himself so that the work of His father will continue. He did not think about the pain and shame He would bear for the people, what was most important to Him was for the people not to be left without a shepherd.

 Ogooluwa was a salt on earth, He brought sweetness, hope and change to many lives and in a bid to save them, He died.

I am sure that we are all very familiar with this story. Jesus is the most amazing example of salt, sweetness and hope.

For us to be W0-MANSALT, we need to emulate Christ. We need to stand for the truth, we need to bring sweetness and hope to everyone around.

We cannot be less than a wonder. We must be a solution and we must be Zion branded. We should not be hypocrites; we should live right when we are alone and when we are in the public. It is what we do when no one is looking that tells our true character. You cannot fake it with God. Your clothes, shoes and bags do not impress Him. He is looking for men and women after His Heart not men and women after the flesh. Raise your standard to meet Gods standard. Peace.   

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