Thursday, 1 November 2012


“…Would it set me free if I dared to let you see, the truth behind the person that you imagine me to be, would your arms be open, would you walk away or would the love of Jesus be enough to make you stay…” – Casting Crowns

When I first heard this song, I wasn’t sure I had gotten the meaning and the lyrics right. But for a long time I just sang along and chewed my mouth were necessary. One day I googled the lyrics, and there it was, staring me in the face. It was true. The world has a lot of those, HAPPY PLASTIC PEOPLE – FAKE. Fake smile, fake love, fake happiness, fake rejoicing, fake this and fake that. We put on our best smiles and our best cloths, just to tell the world that you are better than the next person. Quit seeing yourself as better than the rest, see the best in others too. If Christ felt He was too good to die for a poor, wretched soul like me, I wouldn’t be here.  I am on a voyage:

I am looking for a man who has not failed before,

I am looking for that woman who has not fallen before,

 I am looking for that young lady who has not missed it before.

Sometimes I walk into the church and I feel like the least holy person and I wonder why the world is still so corrupt. I search the eyes of everyone looking for just one person to open up to and help me in prayer through my weakness, but I can see the criticism from where I stand, I can already smell the scent of their judgement even before the words find way to my mouth. So I push it all aside, I act like all is okay. I make people believe that all is well, that I am fine, that I am as strong as I seem, so with a plastic smile, a well made up face and soft hands for a shake, I play my part in the movie called PRETENCE. I place big mighty walls around my weaknesses, I smile to hide every pain and I pray that I get through another day. It continues like that until moments when I can get behind my closed doors, only there can I really fall apart. Only there do I truly come to terms with who I actually am.

I go church with the hope of giving my life to Christ but when I see the eyes of those who have been serving for years almost ripping my clothes off, I say to myself do not worry about what people think you can do this, but still my feet fail me because they have cast the stones. I shut my doors and I hide behind myself.

There is a stage call FALL. You have fallen and I have fallen, some others will still fall. Why act like you have never fallen before, why make the next person who is just rising from a fall seem like the greatest sinner, why make the young lady who is making efforts to let go off her bad habits seem like she does not deserve a chance, why raise your eyes up in disgust when a man falls. You fell and you were given a chance, not because you deserved it but because One who is greater than you saw the best in you when everyone around saw the worse.

Many people have pains they want to share,

Many have habits they want to control,

Many have fears they need a friend to help them get through,

How do you relate to these set of people, you say you are a Christian and you are the first to judge, you say you are a Christian and you are the first to criticise, you say you are a Christian and you are the first to cast the stone. Where is the Christ in you?

When people confide in you, when they dare to let you see the truth behind their real self. Do you open up your arms or do you walk away, is the love of Jesus able to make you stay.

God gave you a chance because He saw the best in you. Give that unloving brother a chance, give that angry sister a chance, give that uncaring mother a chance, give that unworthy father a chance. Help someone get through their pains and their failures. See the best in everyone.

Lets stop the pretence, be you, be real, be bold.

Refuse to be happy plastic, be truly happy.

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