Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It is just a matter of time.

Things might not be going the way you planned. Your life might be taking a different turn; maybe you don't even know where your life is heading. you are working so hard and you can't see results, you are trying so hard to make things right but they still go wrong. You look around and it seems the world is on a standstill. I am taking time out this morning to encourage you. It is not over until you say it is over, it is not over until you give up. Please hold on strong. Hold on to God, do not trouble your heart even when you fail, even when you are down, it is not over.

Give it all to God, let Him do it all, let Him work it out. Give it a little time and you will see everything, everything I mean, not just one, everything turn out beautifully well. You will be just fine.


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