Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What is your marital status?

Anjolaoluwa is a handsome young man who lives in the city of Lagos. He is wealthy, loving, ambitious and caring. He is the perfect gentleman, the dream of every woman, the man any woman would want to spend the rest of her life with. One day Anjolaoluwa spotted Wolaoluwa and his heart melted. He was endeared to her and he was determined to have her all to himself, he wanted to love her, care for her and give her all that she ever wanted. But getting Wolaoluwa was not as easy as Jolaoluwa thought it would be. The chasing game was hard work, but eventually, Wola gave in and accepted Jola to be her lover. They started their relationship, hung out together and had their good moments. This was beautiful, but Jola had just one issue, Wola still had a lot of boyfriends, it was like, she was not totally his, he was competing for her attention. Each time he brought the issue up, Wola would say ‘you haven’t shown me that you are serious, I cannot put all my eggs in one basket, I don’t trust you enough, so do something that will make me know that it is only me, no one else.’


Jola then proposed to Wola and that was it. They got married in grand style, it was indeed a big society wedding, they vowed to stick with each other no matter what. Months into their wedding, Jola caught his wife in bed with another man, this caused separation between the both of them, but Wola kept begging Jola, she cried all the time and asked her husband to forgive her. He did and he took her back into his home. Not long after that, Jola had to travel for business, he was going to take a while but he would be back soon enough to be with his bride.  Wola was not so faithful to Jola, she did things her way and went after other men and more money despite the fact that Jola sends her money for her upkeep. She squandered all the money he had told her to save for their new house and had an abortion since she got pregnant outside her marriage. Unexpectedly, Jola returned and found His wife with another man, she was there, naked, shameless and stripped off all her marital glory...........


What should Anjolaoluwa do? Find another bride? Forgive his soulmate?

Though the believer was by nature far from God, away from the plan and purpose of God, the children of wrath. It is amazing to see how we have been brought close to God by the blood of Jesus Christ. We have been redeemed and bought by the blood of the lamb. The relationship is so dear that we cannot fully understand the dearness of God’s love for mankind. Just as earthly marriage is a serious deal so is your relationship with God. Until you see your marriage with Christ as a big deal, as something to maintain and make work through the help of the Holy Spirit, only then can your marriage work.

When we give our lives to Christ, when we accept the call of Christ, when we accept the proposal of marriage, God brings us into a newness of life. He is not ashamed of us, He is proud of us, proud to call us His own and ever ready to fellowship with us. Ever ready to meet with us so we can discuss our wedding plans, he flaunts us to the world.

It is absolutely untrue that we cannot have any assurance of salvation.
When you are truly married to Christ, you will know. Doubts, indwelling sin, spiritual sloth, or a lack of being properly informed, may cause a Christian to walk in darkness, and see no light. But it is essential to get rid of all these to enjoy your marriage.
Does a married person not know that they are married; if there was doubt they could produce a certificate with time, place and witnesses. When you accepted Gods proposal, you became His, if the devil, flesh or the world ever comes to ask ‘where is your God?’ or ‘are you a child of God?’ you know your response, you know that yes you Got married and you can defend your marriage.
If you are not staying married to Jesus, you are married to the law, flesh and devil. All this brings curse.
When you place your affections on something more than your husband, you commit adultery.
Adultery is an iniquity that weakens and destroys marriage. Marriage is sacred, pure, chaste and undefiled.
The best match for your soul is not the world, not sin and not the devil. Its Gods desire for us to be married to Him and remain married. We may fall, sin and break His heart; our desire to stay in the marriage regardless of what happens is what matters. Not taking divorce as an option and focusing on making the marriage work.
What are your objections? What do you fear? The only thing is sin and unbelief; those are the things that take us away from our marriage. Jesus died for this same cause, but if we keep sacrificing our marriage on the table of sin and unbelief then of what use is the death of our soul mate. Our soul mate is coming back to take us, to renew our wedding vows and keep us in His everlasting love. He is coming to marry us finally. Would he still want to marry you when he returns?

What external bodies are you holding on to. Take a look ate the image at the top of this post, the external body In your marriage or relationship could be an ex, a concubine, a friend too close for comfort, a maid, a secretary or even a swimming coach. Watch that external body before it ruins the internal.

External bodies in our spiritual relationship could be sin, lies, deceit, love of money. The list is endless.

So I ask, What is your marital status? Single    married     married but living single     single and searching     divorced 
What should Anjolaoluwa do? Find another bride? Forgive his soulmate?
Just before you answer, think about Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for you.





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