Friday, 9 November 2012

20-11 20-12 20-13 –There is a time…..Ecc3:1.

This evening, I turned on my laptop and I was going through some old pictures, then I saw a picture that read “thank you Lord for 2011” and right after it was another one that said “2012, Happy New Year: May every day of the new year glow with cheer and happiness for you and your family.” Looking at these two pictures, all I could ask myself was when the year 20-12 began that we are already counting down to its end. It seemed just like yesterday when we were gathered in church for the cross over service and everyone with great rejoicing cheered and shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR. But when we look back at it now, over three hundred days have passed already and very soon another year will roll in, we would once again wish each other happy new year and then roll into it.

Time is now a part of us and so many us now take it for granted, it is as though time is always there, it will always come, it will always go, and so we choose to just take it that way. We are no longer counting the days, we are no longer counting the minutes and hours that pass by in every single day. Sometimes we even forget that seeing a new day is a gift from God and another chance to make things right. We no longer care about opportunities we miss today because we believe that it will come again in time and so we are not making extra efforts. But the thing is whether we like it or not time is fast moving and once it is gone, it can never come back. It goes and it doesn’t wait.

So as this year rolls out again, I want each person to evaluate himself or herself. What have I done with this year? How many lives have I touched in this year? Have I been the man/woman I promised myself I would be? Have I accomplished as much as I thought I would? Did I forgive as much as I should? Did I love as much as I should have? Am I proud of what I have done this year? Will God smile down on me and say well done son/daughter? Have I been a good leader? Etc.

Really there are so many questions to ask because it is not even about the time flying, it is about what we do with the time. What are we doing with the time in our hands, what are we doing with the chances we get each day, how do we get through the day and how much do we value time.

If you have not been at your best this year, it is not too late to begin again, it is not too late to pick up the pieces and decide to make these remaining days the best part of the year. It is not too late to make a meaning of year 2012.

Time is ticking, time is moving, we are getting older and we are faced with more responsibilities each day. What we do with the times of our life is what we do with our life because each moment affects our life and each life has a time, a season and purpose.

Every purpose is fulfilled at an appointed time. Are you keeping to time or are you just allowing it slip away. Watch the time. Mine says it is time to take action, what is yours saying?  Peace.

To be continued...


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