Saturday, 28 April 2012


I woke up this morning to the voice of Faith Evans and Twista.

“I’m hopeful; yes I am, hopeful for today,

Take this music and use it, let it take you away and be hopeful, hopeful

And He will make a way, I know it ain’t easy but that’s ok,

Cause we hopeful.”

Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics, sends me to the land of hope.

Every moment in my life, I always try to be hopeful. I live life hoping for a better tomorrow, hoping for a glorious future, hoping that things will get better, and hoping for strength to carry on. But while I wander off in the land of hope, many things go through my mind. I leave myself for a moment and I remember the world that we live in.

 I think about the people who are losing hope daily,

People who are tired of waiting,

People who are weak from thinking that things will get better

People whose hope for tomorrow is lost in the darkness of yesterday.

I even begin to paint pictures in my head,

I imagine the young child who is lying helpless on the hospital bed,

I imagine the young man whose shoe is wearing out from his daily walks on the street in search of a job.

I imagine the young child who has no food, no money and no shelter.

I imagine a citizen whose corrupt leaders have deprived every right and benefit.

I imagine the young man who in total love for his country lost his life in the struggle.

I imagine parents whose only hope of survival is wasting away in prison walls.

I remember the girl who lost her virginity to a gang of robbers.

I imagine the child who fails at every test and examination.

I remember the mother who longs to have a child of her own, to hold and to cherish.

I imagine the young man who sits in darkness everyday trying to figure out what his life is all about.

I imagine the lawyer who fights to bring the wicked to justice but all to no avail.

I imagine the helpless people whose families have been lost to bombings.

I imagine the father who strives daily to meet the needs of his family.

I imagine the poverty that looms over the society.

I imagine the corruption of our leaders.

I imagine the dishonesty and deceit of people in positions of authority.

I imagine people walking on the streets and thinking about who will die today.

And I say to myself how do we survive, how do we rise above this pain and turmoil, how do we get to a place of rest and revival. And the answer keeps coming, all we have is HOPE. Hope and faith for a better tomorrow

All we can do is fail to dwell on the present situation and hope in our hearts that the best days are ahead. The truth is that it’s not easy but it is better than lying in the pool of depression and rejection.

Let’s be hopeful for our nation, for our family and for our friends. Show some love to people on the streets, help those you can, teach those you can, lift up a soul today and you will see the beauty of the world appearing.

And if it is you doubting, you are wrong

With the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains,

And only the heavenly father can ease every hurt,

Just let it go, keep praying on your knees and let's HOPE

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