Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Slaying or Straying?

I do not dress for a walk of shame,
I dress for a walk of glory.
I do not dress to oppress,
I dress to witness.
I do not dress to create an opening,
I dress to cover my privates.
I do not dress fit trash,
I dress to speak class.
I do not dress to be sexually appealing,
I dress to preach modesty.
I do not dress to make the thoughts of men stray,
I dress to present my body a living sacrifice to God.
I do not dress up to entice,
I dress up to inspire.
I am not dressing to fit in,
I dress up to stand out.
I do not dress to offend,
I dress to motivate.
I do not dress to follow trends,
I dress to set standards.
I sacrifice public trend for modesty,
I sacrifice nudity for simplicity,
I sacrifice trash for class,
I sacrifice oppressing for witnessing,
I am courageous enough not to conform to fashion nudity,
I am courageous enough not to conform to free shows,
Don’t get me wrong,
My Dressing doesn’t define me,
But my identity is revealed through my dressing.
And I know I can be stylish yet classy
I can be trendy yet covered,
I can be modest yet beautiful,
I can be simple yet stunning,
And I can definitely be fashionable yet godly.
My Identity is in Christ Jesus
My dressing is a loud witness for Him.
I don’t know what you are thinking when you say I slay. But I am definitely not doing the ‘mo pa won tan’ ‘kill them finish’ kind of slay. I’m doing the ‘dressed to glorify’ ’dressed to sacrifice’ kind of style.

Pardon me slayer! I didn’t mean to confuse you, but are you slaying or straying?

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