Wednesday, 10 May 2017


…… Olanrewaju never officially asked me out, but with the way I felt about him, he didn’t require my permission to love me. It was beautiful, this was all I ever prayed for, a man of fine qualities and with very high chemistry. We were made for each other definitely and you know every day I looked into Olanrewaju’s eyes and I kept wondering where he had been all my life.
‘Sexy T’ that was what Lanre called me specially. He was just sweet, he made me feel like I was the only woman in the world, he was the original bae.

‘Yes love’ I answered as I walked out of the bedroom in my bra and bum shorts. I sat calmly on his legs as he cuddled me into his arms. Olanrewaju gently planted a soft kiss on my forehead and I smiled back in the most adorable way. I had been spending a lot of time with him in his apartment even though he didn’t allow me do anything, we ate out most times and he had domestic staff who came in once in a while to fix things.
I was living the life, even a queen wouldn’t live it more than I was.
‘How would you like to work in Dayo’s company? He needs an administrative personnel and I asked if he could hire you.’
I had been job hunting for about three years and somehow this fine man was about to put all that to an end. Talk about full package.
I wrapped my arms around Olanrewaju and slowly kissed his lips. ‘Yes babe, I would love that. Thank you so much.’
It was amazing how my life was falling into place because of one man. Actually, There is something about myself that I haven’t told you. I’m a sick lover, when I am in love with someone, I can forget every other person, you know it’s like something just covers my eyes and all I can see is the man turning my brain. All I would become interested in is showing the world how happy I am. I can post a picture and write ‘@MrWilliams, when bae is hot,’ but what actually played on my mind before the post was, ‘here you go o, to those that have been waiting, love has found my address o, ntoi’.
I remember that a friend sent me a message one time and was asking why I had Olanrewaju all over social media considering the fact that I just met him. till this day Wendy hasn’t said a word to me, because I schooled her well., I told her it was none of her business and I am certain she doesn’t wish me well.
‘Wendy, you liked me more when I was lonely and miserable, what’s wrong in expressing my love? Abegi say something else and don’t frustrate me. It is my love I can wish to love anyhow.’ I was just talking uncontrollably, it was like say anything bad about my relationship and hear something bad.
‘Hello Wendy, are you there?’ there was dead silence at the other end, I could tell she was upset but I wasn’t really bothered.
‘Goodbye Toun.’ The call ended. Whatever that meant, I was just glad to get rid of every bad blood hovering around my love life. While I loved Olanrewaju, I lost friends, not intentionally but because I got so wrapped up in Olanrewaju’s life and every other thing seemed like a distraction even my priced friendship, communication reduced and some eventually got lost.
Everyone struggled for my attention. I remember that at some point I had changed my name to Yeye(Madam) Williams on Instagram, this girl was deep in it. Olanrewaju pampered me, I was practically living in his home. There was this time his laundry woman annoyed me, believe it or not Olanrewaju fired her. He wasn’t in the league of guys who would say cook for me, wash for me, this and that, no housemaid duties with Mr Williams, I exercised my rights fully as madam of the house.

‘Mama Ibeji these are the clothes, please make sure you wash them well, the last time there were some stains on my pink top, couldn’t wear it but I’ve added it to these ones.’ Mama Ibeji was Olanrewaju’s laundry woman.
‘Okay aunty Toun, no vex, I go wash this one well’ she replied.
As I was about leaving, she called me back and asked to speak with me. If she had known, she never would have said a word.
‘Aunty Toun, I see say you no dey too cook for this house, everytime na so so eatery pack dey full house, good woman dey help im husband manage things, no be to dey spend money yafunyafun. No man wey no like good home made food o’
She must have mistook my silence for interest because she continued to blab. ‘my friend Iya Ebuka, na so im wife no sabi cook anything, everytime Ebuka go call im mama make e come cook, see ehn last last na broom dem take chase Cynthia comot, she dey im mama house now dey learn, na inside tears she dey take learn now.’
This woman must think I have time for all her story telling.
‘Mama Ibeji please don’t ever try this nonsense with me again. If your children are slaving for men up and down, that’s their problem, but I am not a slave, do the job you have been hired to do and mind your business.’
See me see laundry woman, what nerve. She opened her mouth as if to say something but my legs were faster, before she could say Ha, I was in the living room. I was so upset, but I decided not to say anything to Olanrewaju on phone, this was a face gist. I waited patiently for his return and when he got back, I didn’t allow him find a balance before I narrated my ordeal. He was furious, right there and then he called Mama Ibeji on phone and asked her not to return to his house anymore. That was wow, he defended me well, everything in my body was screaming Yekpa. What! Oga just put a ring on it already.

‘Babe just find a replacement for mama Ibeji and let me know what she’s charging, okay?’
‘Thank you Olanrewaju, I will.’
My sleep that night was different, I didn’t fold myself on the bed, I slept loose, hands in the air, even the bed knew I had authority. Everything just felt right.
I most definitely remember this night, I dreamt of marriage, it was as real as my authority on Mr William’s bed.

A week after this episode, I resumed duties at Olanrewaju’s friends office, it was a really nice place and my office was beautiful, my office was directly opposite Dayo’s office, that didn’t bother me in anyway. This simply gave me the assurance that Olanrewaju was keeping his jewel close.

Dayo was a really nice guy and he gave me all the help I needed. He was always checking on me, he made lunch available everyday and I could tell that Olanrewaju had given him strict warnings to watch over me. Because if I didn’t know better, I would have thought Dayo had a crush on me. He was more of a friend than boss.

I usually close at 4pm, most times I would have to wait for Olanrewaju to pick me up and days when he couldn’t make it, Dayo would drop me off. Since I met Olanrewaju, the days of okada and danfo rolled away. I was either in his car or uber to the rescue. I was bad like that.
One afternoon, I was infront of the office waiting for a parcel when I heard someone call my name.
No No No, somebody wake me up from my misery, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that was Adeyemi. Oh no, what did he want, I wouldn’t want Dayo to meet me standing out here with a guy.
‘Deyemi, it’s been a while.’
‘Haba Adetoun, is that how you would greet a friend? Where have you been? Long time no see. You refused picking up my calls and wouldn’t even call me back, not even a response to my messages.’
‘I have been busy with work and life. I wouldn’t even want to stay out here for long because my boss may come for me anytime soon.’
‘That’s fine Adetounmi, I will give you a call later if you would pick. I still love you and would want to spend the rest of my life with you.’

I smiled inside, and in a funny way I thought about the days when Deyemi and I were in touch, how sweet and gentle he was and he was still that man. He didn’t care so much that I had not been giving him attention, he still wanted me. Again as always I felt pity for him.

‘I have to go now Deyemi, call me though.’
He moved towards me gave me a gentle hug, as I turned to go into the office, I met with Dayo. That was not a good sign, I didn’t know what was going through his mind now and I trust his big mouthed self to tell everything to Olanrewaju.

‘Did the parcel arrive yet?’
‘Not yet.’
It was brief and cold. I walked past him into the office and I honestly didn’t know what to think. I decided that once I got home I would explain all that happened to Olanrewaju and that should settle everything.
For the first time since I met Olanrewaju. I didn’t feel like facing him, for some reason I just thought he would be angry if Dayo had mentioned that he met me outside in the arms of another man.

Dayo dropped me off at home and he was unusually quiet all through the ride. That’s when I knew there might be trouble. Once I got home, I rehearsed my lines and sat patiently waiting for Olanrewaju.

As he walked in, his eyes were red and I could see the anger in his eyes. Before he could say a word, I knelt down before him, but I received the shock of my life when his knees met with mine on the floor, he took my hands and asked me softly
‘Sexy T, Please complete me, Marry me’

Don’t just read my story, learn from me please;

v  A proposal doesn't mean that the relationship is going well. A proposal won't fix the wrongs

v  Sex feels good in most cases and when you have Sex with a person you exchange a lot of things both emotionally and physically, so naturally you may feel attracted to the person. It doesn't mean love neither does it mean true companionship.  

v  If you are not ready to be helpful and homely in a relationship. I'm not sure how you are getting yourself prepared for marriage.

v  That you are in a love relationship doesn't mean you should say goodbye to true friends. You will need them trust me.


  1. This story is so interesting... when is the next episode coming?. Kudos to you Babe@


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