Wednesday, 5 February 2014


My strength is almost gone, how can i carry on, if i can't find you...
Still there is hope.

I look through life; i see the hustle, the pain, the regrets, the anguish, the stress, the heartache, the disappointment, the shame, the agony, and the heartbreak that stares us in the face.

I read through the news and i see death, disasters, anger, envy, jealousy, brutality, impatience, violence and hatred.

I watch the television and i see moral decadence, nudity, abuse, disrespect and dead values.

I watch families and i see pretence, unfaithfulness, abuse, infidelity, irresponsibility, disappointment, greed and intolerance. 

I look at friendships and i see pretence, jealousy, greed, lies, unfaithfulness, deceit and hypocrisy.

I look at the church and I see hypocrisy, pretence, hatred, power tussle, greed, envy, lies and heaviness.

I look at the country and I see lies, power tussle, lack of care for humanity, terror, fear, corruption and anguish.

I look at organizations and I see competition, fear, comparison, abuse and hypocrisy.

I look, I look and I keep looking.

Can my strength take all that I see?

Can my body bear the pain?

Can my mind accept the picture?

Can I live one more day without losing my mind?

Can my mind understand why that young man should have killed that woman for money?

Can I bear the thought of seeing that young child suffer abuse for so long?

Can my mind accept the nudity that parades the media?

Can my being take the unfaithfulness that coughs out in families?

Can my mind accept the downward slope in government?

Can my mind bear the agony of the mother who loses her only son?

Can my mind bear the thought of that teenager Shade aborting her baby?

Can i take my mind off that maid who goes on fingering poor little Nosa?

Can i overlook the insensitivity of the church to the needs of members?

Can my mind take the killings and terrorist attacks?

Can my mind accept the cheating husband who leaves his wife in rejection?

Can I really take it?

The thought makes me weak.

The imagination grieves me.

But then again in the midst of all this I find hope.

A friend once said to me ‘what is life without hope’

It might be so bad, things might happen in a rush, but I stand in hope, I stand in the promise that Christ gives.

I am still alive, I am still breathing, I am here for a purpose, I am here for a change.

I will do the little I can while I am still breathing, I will help those that I can, I will watch, but no longer will I look away, I will do that which is good and hope that as life unfolds, as I magnify my lenses, God will make something good out of THE THINGS I SEE

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