Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Life has taught me a lot. I have seen the good times and I have seen the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the sweet and the bitter. Sometimes I weigh the outcomes and I think that the bad outweighs the good and I wonder in the innermost part of my heart if it is all worth it, I ask where God is in the midst of all this.
When I open a door and it stays shut,
When I use an umbrella and I still get drenched in the rain,
When I put my hands in my pocket to bring out naira notes but my eyes meet with paper,
When I start to laugh but my eyes are filled with tears,
When I walk the streets and my feet is almost kissing the ground from my bad shoes,
When I can’t feed except I go borrowing,
When my mind wants to know but I cannot understand,
When I am lost and can’t seem to find my way,
Where are you oh God?
When my happiness is dependent on another person’s provision,
When I am empty and helpless,
When fulfilment and joy becomes a long lost dream,
When the downs outweighs the ups,
When my world is taking a downward slope,
When people around just barely tolerate me,
When I am not good enough,
When pain becomes my friend,
And loneliness a close ally,
Where do I find you God?
When I need you the most,
When I need you to make the best of my life,
When I need you to roll away my shame,
When I need you to speak to me,
When I need you to comfort me,
Then in the midst of it all, I hear your voice like thunder, and I hear you say to me:
‘I am always there where you are, every time and everywhere’
And tears rolled down my face,
How could I have ever thought that the bad outweighed the good?
It never ever does. That I am still breathing is a good that bad can never outweigh
That I know God is a good that bad can never outweigh,
That I hear Him is a good that bad can never outweigh,
God is always there, holding my hands,
Giving me the push to live through all the struggles,
Giving me strength to carry on,
Giving me the hope that will carry me through each day.
So I know that in the midst of it all God is never missing, God is never wanting.
He is there, pulling me, holding me and backing me.
So I know that I would not be in the midst of this forever I will patiently wait on God to finish His work of safely pulling me and landing me in His purpose.

So I say that in the midst of it all God is never missing, He is always there and I choose to walk with Him.

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