Friday, 27 September 2013


I saw this picture today and I pondered on it. Beautiful message.
I have to be strong because things will get better, things may be rough but I have to be strong.
As I carefully meditated on the words, It dawned on me that I am responsible for a lot of things, people are watching me, I am a friend, I am a sister, I am a future wife, I am a child, I am a teacher, I am a listener, I am a future mother, the list is endless. That was it, I knew that I had no other choice than to remain strong. What will be my excuse if I decide to give up on life, what would be my excuse if I fail to be a friend to those who need me, what would be my excuse if I fail to be a mother to my unborn children, what will be my excuse if I fail to lead and train the children that have been entrusted in my care, just what will be my excuse if I am anything less than I should be.
There are no excuses, none and that’s why being strong is the only option. I don’t want to bite my fingers when I should be eating the fruit of my labour, I don’t want to scratch my head when people ask what my plans for the future are, I don’t want to be caught unawares anytime, anyday, anywhere so I am going to be strong and stay strong regardless of what the situation is, regardless of what people say, regardless of what you are thinking right now, I choose to stay strong.
Be strong,
Brothers and sisters, be strong
Friends and family, be strong
When things go wrong as they sometimes will, be strong
When you can’t seem to get anything done, be strong
When the road seems rough, be strong
When the going gets tough, be strong
No food in the kitchen, be strong
When there is food stuff but no ingredients to make the food, be strong
No money in the pocket, be strong
When the bills roll in, be strong
When you are tempted to lie that the money is in the bank, don’t lie, just be strong
When you can’t pay your children’s fees, be strong
When your car breaks down, be strong
When you can’t afford to change your wardrobe, be strong
When troubles press you down, stay strong
When your children are not at their best, don’t worry, please stay strong
When life throws you a hard blow, don’t cry, stay strong
When you lose someone special, don’t lose hope, stay strong
When people insult, criticise and judge you, please stay strong
When you are down to nothing, stay strong
Why am I saying stay strong?
I am saying stay strong because that is the only option we’ve got. We cannot give up, we must not give up. The only option we have is to be strong, stay strong and live strong. If I had another easy way out I would have shared with you but the way out that I know is to stay strong. Do not allow challenges, situation and people pull you down.
Look at those big problems, those challenges that you are facing, those moments that make you want to give up, look them in the eye and choose to stay strong, think about those moments that have brought you joy, think about the good days and choose to stay strong.
Bayii ko ni yoo maa ri lo (this is not how things will continue), they will get better. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. I believe God that things will change for the better but you will never know if you give up so kunkunma just stay strong.
Did I get the spelling of kunkunma right?

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