Thursday, 26 September 2013


Some people just want to be unhappy, some people just love to hear people say ‘sorry’, some people just love for friends to gather for a pity party, some people can’t just stand happiness. Happiness is a big deal for them, they see it as something hard and so all effort to achieve it seems like nothing.

‘I just want to be happy, is that too much to ask?’ They would cry and I wonder ‘who is holding you?’ The statement says it all, I just want to be happy, it is I who wants to be happy and only I can make I happy.

The only reason why we cannot be happy irrespective of how much we want to be is because we attach our happiness to so many things, we make our happiness a function of what we have and what we do not have, we make our happiness other people’s business, and we put our happiness at the mercy of others. We expect that other people will make us happy, we expect that our salary, new pair of shoes, new house, position, promotion, children, job, clothes would make us happy and when these expectations are not met, we become miserable.

Everyone deserves to be happy, regardless of what is going on in your life. You must look around you and choose to be happy, you might not be the richest, you might not be the prettiest but you must find contentment in who you are and who you will be. Be happy with who you are, change the things that can be changed and refuse to give anyone the key to your happiness no matter how important they are in your life.

Just choose to be happy, be free, don’t worry too much about where your mates are, don’t worry too much about the opportunities you have lost. Let all those things go with the past and move beyond it.

The richest people are not the happiest people

The prettiest people are not the happiest people

The craziest people are not the happiest people

The superstars are not the happiest people.

The happiest people are those who have decided to be happy and stay happy no matter what life throws at them, they choose to be content, change the things that they can and make the most of every opportunity. They find happiness even in the smallest things, for them, no situation is too small to bring happiness.

The happiest people are those who truly understand what makes them happy and have made a personal objective to focus only on those things.

The happiest people appreciate the smallest things, they are thankful for all things. Whatever happens, in whatever form it takes, their goal is always to stay happy.

The happiest people are people who are confident and bold. They know who they are and they will never settle for less. Money, power, pleasures cannot buy them over. They treasure their happiness so much they wouldn’t allow anything take it away from them.

The happiest people are people who are happy to learn, happy to share, happy to grow, happy to be better, happy to work things out, happy to help, happy to submit. Life is not a competition, they run their race without interference and would get help from as many people as they can, be it subordinate or superior. They are humble and very free.

The happiest people are those who would infect other people, with happiness of course, they cannot stand unhappiness, they will do all they can just to see another person happy.

The happiest people are those who would rejoice with everyone, stay happy for others even when they are not where they ought to be. The happiest are real and true.

So why can’t I just be happy? That’s because I just can’t stand happiness, I just can’t stand to watch others succeed, I just can’t stand to watch others get ahead of me, I just can’t stand to watch other people wear better clothes, I just can’t stand other people looking prettier than I am, I just can’t be happy when I don’t have my way, I just can’t…

The language happiness understands is I CAN, so if you can’t then you cannot stand happiness.

It is a long road, it might take a lot of energy and time but believe me in the end it will be worth it. Find happiness in the good and bad, don’t place the key of your happiness on things or humans, the only one who can hold that key and hold it well is God. Find true happiness in God, be happy, remain happy and stay happy for others.

I think I can stand happiness, can you?


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