Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Any Good?

What good have you given?
What good have you rewarded?
What good have you done?
Oh pilgrim

What help have you rendered?
What help have you offered?
What help have you given?
Oh pilgrim

Every good done is unto God
Every help rendered is unto the maker
Every hope given is for a soul
oh Pilgrim

You complain so much about all that is going wrong,
But no good flows from you to correct the wrong.
There's so much fighting and abusing,
Have you been a peace maker?
There's so much hatred,
Have you shown love to one person?
There's so much much poverty,
Have you blessed someone from the little you have?
There's so much hunger,
Have you shared a meal?
There's so much discouragement,
Have you given hope?
There's so much bad news,
Have you shared a good one?
There's so much moral decadence,
Have you tried being good?

Oh Pilgrim
You are created for this very purpose,
to do good
There is so much in you,
So much good the maker has placed in you.

Why don't you start by giving that little,
Why don't you start by obeying that instruction to do good,
Why don't you think of someone order than yourself.
There's a good in you,
Let it show forth.

so is there any good left in you for the world?
Yes it there is.
The point is will you start doing that good?

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