Thursday, 12 March 2015


One of the most important areas teachers should strive to learn more about is how to teach children to be confident. It is very important for a child to be confident, bold and courageous. A child who has all this qualities will be able to say no when he ought to and even stand for what is right without the supervision of his/her parents/teachers. A confident child is self-dependent, strong and determined.
It is true that creating a loving, stable environment will make it easier to enhance a child's confidence. However, a loving, stable environment is only part of the process of how to teach children to be confident. In order for kids to become confidence, they must also be taught people skills and you need to develop their character to create true confidence. 
True confidence means being comfortable in any setting by having people skills and feeling strong enough to resist temptations by having a strong character. A child must be able to relate with people without feeling inferior or incapable of expressing thoughts.
It is important that we start to teach children certain skills to boost their confidence at a tender age.
They must be able to start conversations, meet and greet people without being told, they must say the magic words and be able to ask questions irrespective of the number of people present. These things may seem very trivial, but the truth of the matter is if these children are not trained to do these things, they may never see the need to do them and as they grow they believe it’s okay to stay quiet, it’s okay not to ask questions, it’s okay not to say thank you, and they begin to hide in their shells, they hold back their thoughts and become withdrawn. But once a child grows up knowing these basic things, he will never depart from it and it will help him/her to interact freely.
Once you begin to develop children to know the things that matter, you are not only building his/her confidence, you are grooming a leader. Such a child grows up in confidence, he is able to speak up and even speak on behalf of others.
Along with the people skills, they must also be taught important character development traits. How to handle pressure, sticking to the truth always and respecting people who are older. A lot of parents think that their child is too quiet, he/she doesn’t talk, he doesn’t know how to relate etc. all these things are minor things and the child just needs a push to build his confidence.

Once we can build the people skills and character of a child with the help of parents, confidence is definitely assured.

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